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Baby Monitor

Signal issues

1. Q: When I try to pair the monitor with the camera, the screen shows no signal? How can I fix it?
A: 1. Try to press the pair button behind of the camera for 3 seconds,and try to repair it again.

     2. Try to keep the distance between the camera and monitor not too far,and make sure that there are no other things or too many blocks between them.

     3. Make sure that there are no other electronic devices closed to the monitor and camera.It will influence magnetic field.

2. Q: When the baby monitor works for daily use, it suddenly drops the connection and gets alerted?
A: 1. First, try to pair once again.
2. Don’t make the coverage between the camera and monitor over 1000ft.
3. Remove the blocks between the camera and monitor as many as possible.
4. Far away from electronic devices like phones.

Picture/Image Issues

1. Q: The image of the screen has been frozen?
A: 1. Try to restart again(Pull out the power adapter from the wall outlet, wait for approximately 5 seconds, and plug it back in)

     2. Try to get the baby monitor far away from the electronic devices

     3. Don’t make the monitor and camera too close or too far

Battery&Power Cable Issues

1. Q: How long the battery can last?
A: The battery has been improved, with 5000mAh battery capacity,this baby monitor can be used at least 10 Hours for daily use,22Hours for Eco mode after full charge (6Hours)
2. Q: Can the battery support be detached?

A: The built-in battery is not detachable. Dismantling, cutting, opening, crushing, bending, puncturing, or shredingcell of a battery is prohibited.

3. Q: Can I use the other battery to replace the original ones?
A: First, we don’t suggest detaching the built-in battery, we recommend using the battery pack supplied with the product or the same type sold by the manufacturer or authorized distributors. Usually, it can use around 3-5 years.
4. Q: How long about the power cable? I think it is too short to recharge my monitor at home? Can I replace a power cable for this?
A: The power cable for the monitor is 2.5m, it is longer than other regular baby monitor power cable on market, we don’t suggest to replace the power cable casually, unauthorized charging cable or AC adapter maybe result in overheated even explosion.

Alarm Issues

1. Q: high pitched piercing noise comes out sometimes? how can I stop this?
A: 1. Don’t make the monitor and camera too close or too far

     2. Don’t set the sound volume too high

2. Q: How can I avoid the sound alarm affecting my daily life? Sometimes I just want to be peaceful and don’t want to hear the alarm again.
A: You could choose our VOX mode, when it detects the sound like crying, the screen will be on mute without any sound alarm, it will help us avoid some unnecessary interference for daily life.
3. Q: Can this feeding function be set as the alarm clock?
A: Yes, you could use the feeding function as the alarm clock, it could be set at 2.5 hrs, 3 hrs, 3.5 hrs, 4 hrs, 4.5 hrs, or 5 hrs. 

Two way Audio issue

1. Q: The sound transmitted is not stable, how can make it stable?
A: 1. Don’t make the distance between monitor and camera too far

     2. Make sure that there is not too many blocks between the monitor and camera

     3. Try to increase the volume of the sound

Safety issue

1. Q: Can this baby monitor be used as a toy?

A: This baby monitor is not a toy,it is not a medical device and should not be used as substitute for responsible adult supervision. please keep out of children’ s reach.

2. Q: Can baby be close to the camera?
A: Child may be entangled in cords.Keep the monitor,camera and AC power cord out of reach of your baby and children at all times.At least 3 feet away.
3. Q: Can I disassemble the product?

A: If you have any problems with the product, please contact with customer service team.If the product becomes dirty,use a lightly damp soft cloth to wipe surfaces. Dismantling the product is not recommended.

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